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Meet the Team

- and where does this work fit in

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These Research in a Box initiatives started as part of a wider project, generously supported by Advance HE through their Good Practice Grants (GPGs) - ref: GEN 1286.

The team for this wider work was:

Lynne Blair
Kelly Widdicks
Alice Ashcroft
Emily Winter

Miriam Sturdee
Kathy New
Lisa Thomas

The final report is available here:

Women's Sense of Belonging in Computer Science Education

The Research in a Box resources have been the result of a much wider team. Our special thanks to those who have ​collaborated, and those who have offered suggestions for ideas and data sources. And our sincere gratitude for the willing and talented hands we had in helping to develop the website.

Liz Edwards and Claire Dean

Lucy Hunt

Chris Bull

Gordon Blair, Jess Davies, John Quinton, Daniel Evans,

Peter Diggle, Sue Rennie and Michael Hollaway

and lastly, but definitely not least,

Kirsty Blair

-- thank you all.

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